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Tutoring in Fairfax is offering a one-of-a-kind winter program -
Building the Basics:
Winter Camp 2023 

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Building the Basics: Winter Camp 2023 is an engaging academic enrichment camp designed for students in grades K-6th, who struggle w/ learning concepts, are behind grade level, or need a refresher of previous material. We will evaluate students and teach based on their level to help build their foundation in both English language arts and math. 

Mathematics is a part of our uniquely designed camp class that develops fundamental math skills. We will review and prepare a strong base in number sense, addition, subtraction, and more by using a multisensory approach with  manipulatives. Students will gain a deeper understanding of math after working with us.

English Language Arts is the foundation of our camp class. We strive to help students strengthen phonics, letter/sound recognition, penmanship, sight words, vocabulary building, spelling, reading/fluency, and writing. Students will develop confidence in themselves as they learn the necessary skills to be academically successful. 

Building the Basics:

Winter Camp 2023

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Building the Basics:
Winter Camp 2023

Dates & Information

Take advantage of this opportunity!  
In-Person learning camp
 grade students
Small groups of 2 to 4 students
Phonics, Reading, & Math

Camp Hours:
2 week camp in December (Tues.-Fri.)
Tues., Dec. 19 - Fri., Dec. 29
3:30 pm
to 5:30 pm

Cost: $800/child

 You can pay for camp with your Virginia Grant funds through your ClassWallet Account!

pace is limited, enroll today!

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